About Fulcrum Composites – We love curves!

About Fulcrum Composites

Fulcrum Composites Inc, is a Midland, Michigan based company dedicated to developing new architectural and building products and bringing them to market. Our sandwich panel products were developed to make things easier for drywall contractors, general contractors and architects/project managers. We offer products that allow curved features in drywall and curved architectural elements that would be difficult to fabricate in any other way. Our aim is always to make life better for our customers.

We could tell you about ourselves, post head shots, talk about our pets and hobbies but you don’t care about any of that. Construction is a hard job, whichever end of the food chain you are at. You don’t need to know about us. You need to know what we do for you. Two words drive us – speed and quality.


Installation time is a key driver for us.  We know that any experienced drywaller can bend drywall. They learn the tips and tricks as they serve their time – wetting, draping, scoring, doubling up 1/4″ ‘bendy’, close stud spacing etc. But all these things eat up time. Prefabricated curves save time. Saving site time saves money. It’s that simple. For drywall installers, faster installation gets you and your people off the current job and onto the next one sooner which means more jobs done and more $ in your pocket. General contractors know that the faster your drywall sub gets in and out the faster the next trade can start and the more likely you are to bring the project home on time. For architects and project managers, the faster everybody gets done, the happier your client will be.


But speed is no use without quality.  All the tricks to bend drywall cost time but equally importantly, they are sources of inconsistency. Each crew does things a little differently and every time you bend drywall it behaves a little differently. The differences can often be seen in the finished job.  (And by the way, if you were hanging my house I would hate the idea that you were wetting down drywall. It takes days for drywall to fully dry out, so the chances are it may not be fully dry before the space is enclosed. Wet drywall in an enclosed space with no airflow is the fastest way I know to grow mold.) With prefabricated sections you get a perfect and perfectly consistent outcome every time. That means fewer call-backs, better quality, happier customers. Whichever end of the food chain you are at quality and consistency are your friend.

One Company – Two product ranges

Curved sandwich panels and curved drywall panels

To reflect the diverse markets we serve, Fulcrum Composites has two websites:

This is where you are now. This site deals with our sandwich panel activities including:

  • Curve-Corners for drywall.
Curved drywall corner by Fulcrum Composites

Curved drywall corner by Fulcrum Composites

A range of curved sandwich panels for use with drywall. These panels can be produced in any radius from 2″ up to 24″- the range where it is difficult or impossible to bend conventional drywall. We make inside and outside corners, 180 degree wraparounds, arches, column covers, coving and soffits. The panels come pre-fabricated and ready to install. Installation is just like conventional drywall – screw in place, mud, tape finish.

  • Custom curved sandwich panels for museum and architectural applications
Custom museum walls by Fulcrum Composites

Custom museum walls by Fulcrum Composites

We produce curved panels for many architectural applications including museums, casinos, places of worship and other public spaces. Individual panels can be made as large as 12′ x 5′. Where larger panels are required they can be fastened together to form large continuous runs. Many different skin materials can be used. Some of the most popular are ‘Polybak’ (resin impregnated kraft paper), high pressure laminate, thin plywood and aluminum sheet.

  • Tangent Modular Museum Display Panels

A range of standard 8′ high curved panels that can be joined temporarily or permanently to form quick and easy displays.

  • Other capabilities and products
    • CNC machining. We have a 4′ x 4′ 2D CNC router which is used to produce decorative components such as inlaid tiling in wood or plastic
    • Foam cutting. We have a 4′ x 8′ x 4′ CNC hot wire foam cutter which is used to produce molds and other foam components
    • Concrete foam tiles. We have an in-house process to produce tiles (and other objects) with a foam core and a thin sprayed concrete exterior

Fulcrum Composites

If you were looking for information about our composites you need to vist the original website of Fulcrum Composites. Go here:


Go here for information on our composites activities including:

  • Fulcrum thermoplastic pultrusions – the first product Fulcrum Composites created
  • Thermoplastic composite threaded rod
  • C^2 technology for high strength thermoset spar materials
  • Thermoset pultrusions – we are the US distributer for Topglass SpA, a world class pultruder

If you reached the wrong site by mistake, our apologies.  We hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for but think something here is close then please give us a call.

We are nerds!  Materials, structures, processes and their interaction with design and product creation get us excited in a way that is entirely unhealthy.
We love getting unreasonable questions.  We love creating synergies from unusual combinations of materials or processes.
Fulcrum has done projects for several of the largest corporations in the US as well as many of the smallest and newest start ups.

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