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Curved Architectural Panels – Features & Displays

Go with the Curve!
Fulcrum’s architectural panels are utilized for a wide variety of custom installations and displays in a public buildings including museums, casinos, restaurants, offices and hotels.

Fulcrum’s unique materials and fabrication techniques allow us to produce extremely large, lightweight, curved panels. Our in-house mold making process means we can cost effectively produce a single unique shape or thousands of identical panels in sizes up to 8′ x 8 ‘ or 12′ x 5’.

Our architectural panels are often used to produce curved walls and ceiling fixtures. Their light weight and durability ensure ease of installation as well as a tough, long lasting product. Panels can be installed permanently or supplied as a re-configurable system. If hardware such as monitors or displays will be mounted to the panels, just let us know the details and we’ll build in hard points (typically plywood plates) for you to screw to.

We love custom jobs. Sometimes our customers supply fully detailed shop drawings, often it’s just a sketch. Either way we’ll work with you to optimize the structure for the best possible results.

We offer a wide variety of skin options from cheap and cheerful laminate backer (a great option if the panel is going to be painted or have graphics applied to it) to exotic wood veneers. Other skin options include high pressure laminate, plywood, aluminum and composite sheets. Take a look at our image gallery to see some of the projects we have supplied.

  • Individual panels up to 8’x8′ or 12′ x 5′
  • Radii from 4″ up
  • Flexible process makes single panel and low-volume orders affordable
  • As light as 7 ounces per square foot
  • Hard points can be built in for fastening hardware
  • Easily cut and machined with standard carpentry tools for onsite details and modifications


Image Gallery

 Curve-Corners for Drywall - Submittal and Data Sheet
Data Sheet