Curved Drywall Panels. Quick and easy to install.

Curved drywall installation

Curve – Corners for Drywall™ are the simplest and fastest way to produce smooth, tight radius corners in drywall. These curved drywall panels   are produced using Fulcrum’s patented technology for curved sandwich panels. We offer 90 degree internal and external corners, 180 degree bull nose sections for finishing the ends of stud walls, column covers, coving and arches. These curved drywall panels, used in combination with conventional drywall offer multiple benefits:

Curved drywall panels showing installation steps

– Improved room aesthetics

– Eliminates cleaning dead-spots

– Increases corner insulation

– Reduces paint chipping on corners

– Eases traffic in tight areas

– Dramatically speeds up installation





Installation is simple – exactly like drywall. Screw in place, just like drywall. Tape & mud, just like drywall. Sand & paint, just like drywall.

Our Range:

  • Radius anything from 2″ to 24″(basically the range that is difficult or impossible to do with standard drywall techniques)
  • Lengths 8′ & 10′ as standard, other custom lengths up to 12′ on request.
  • Thickness 1/2″ & 5/8″ as standard, custom thicknesses on request.
  • Shapes – mostly 90 & 180 degree bends with a circular radius but if you want a different shape or angle, elliptical, 145 degrees or whatever, just ask. If you can draw it, we’ll make it!

Download our curved drywall brochure over on the right for a listing of our current range and pricing.

Check out our image gallery to see some of the many projects our customers have been kind enough to share with us.

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Baseboard trim around curves is a pain. To simplify things we offer a range of preformed curved wood corner pieces that match the curvature of some of our panels. Even easier than conventional trim – no miters to cut.Our curved panels offer many environmental benefits including: reduced chips & dings, added insulation, low weight, space saving, reduced job site scrap.

We are constantly expanding our range and can also produce custom sizes, shapes and angles so if you don’t see exactly what you need, just ask.

Curved-Corners for
Drywall Applications 


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Submittal and Data Sheet

Curve-Corners for Drywall - Submittal and Data Sheet