Drywall Arch Kit – Perfect results, minimum hassle


Our prefabricated drywall arch kits install and finish like drywall, but in a fraction of the time.

  • No additional framing required, just square frame the doorway
  • The need to wet, score and bend drywall to the curve is completely eliminated
No scrap. No bending. No hassles. Perfect results every time.

Choose From These Popular Styles and Sizes of drywall arch

Arch Brochure

Go With the Curve Round Arches and Elliptical Arches are prefabricated to fit 30- or 36-inch door openings. You can use our Rounded Corners on any size doorway. Custom shapes and dimensions are available upon request.

All arches are ½” thick and 3½” wide to fit a standard stud wall; other widths available upon request. We can make the width to exactly fit the wall thickness. Just tell us the dimension of the studs ie the wall thickness less the thickness of the drywall facings because the drywall will cover over the sides of the arch. Sometimes older houses have 2 x 4 studs that are actually 4″. If you are doing a remodel, check the size of the studs. Some walls may be thicker, for example if your wall is built from 2×6″ studs. Whatever the thickness, just let us know and we’ll accommodate it.


Drywall arch sizes and pricing


Installation Is Quick and Simple

1. Fasten prefabricated arches to door jamb with drywall screws
2. Screw flat drywall strips around the jamb and add blocking from scrap 2×4, as shown
3. Screw drywall face sheet over door opening and roto-zip arch opening
4. Trim with preferred drywall edging
5. Tape, mud and finish as usual

View Visual Installation Instructions.





This product is not fire-rated and should not be used as part of a fire barrier.

Do not use as a load-bearing structure.

Always consult and follow local building codes.