• Lightweight faux wood beams in Midland legal offices


    Lightweight faux wood beams at Warner Norcross & Judd Law Offices, Midland, MI

    The path of ‘wooden’ beams along the ceiling is fabricated from lightweight foam core sandwich panels finished with wood veneer.

    Ultra lightweight, perfectly straight, all cut and notched to the exact size. Don’t forget to grab those extra LEED points for teh local content since we are so close we could practically have carried them over!

    Legal Offices, Lightweight faux wood beams, Architect Archeverde, Installer Sugar Construction.jpg           PART_1435689346134_20150511_164305


    Thanks to Archeverde for thinking of us as they were designing the Warner Norcross & Judd law offices in the new building at State & Main in the East End building in Midland, Michigan. Also to Sugar Construction for being so easy to work with on this.


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